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DISCLAIMER: This works for me. It may not work for you, due to many different factors. My setup uses the GIrBIL serial-port dongle. For more information about Linux and IrDA, please visit http://irda.sourceforge.net. There should be docs there for setting up other infrared systems. This document will not look at setting up your Linux Infrared port, only getting it to work with the Motorola Timeport cellphone. This is known to work with the L7089, P7389, Ti250 and Ti280 models. It should work with the P7689 and Ti260 but I haven't had the chance to try it.

The V66 and T280 models also use a USB data lead, and this method is supported out of the box as an ACM modem device in kernel 2.4.21rc1 and later.  The details of this and a patch for earlier kernels can be found here.

Look at the One.Tel script. Note the odd delays at the beginning. Somehow, that 'kicks' the infrared link into working, and once it is, it's fine. Also, another VERY important point is, to start the phone's infrared service up to approximately half a second after starting PPP. For this reason it's a good idea to have 'Activate IR' on your Quick Access Menu. Personally, I use quick-access key 9, but whichever is up to you.

CHECKING OUT THE LINK: Okay, you have your linux box's infrared setup. Run irdadump. Point your phone at the infrared port and hit Activate IR. You should see some stuff showing up, including 'L Series'. (Can't say for the P7389, but the Ti250 IDs as an L Series phone.) Press Cancel on the phone. If you didn't see any of that stuff show up, check your infrared port settings.
Using a Motorola Timeport GSM cellular phone with Linux and Infrared