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Using a Motorola Timeport GSM cellular phone with Linux and Infrared
File: One.Tel dial script

# Note that linewrapping has occurred at least on the 'chat' line. This must be
# entered as a single line. Cut'n'paste should do the right thing.
/usr/sbin/pppd connect \
'/usr/sbin/chat -v ABORT "NO CARRIER" "" \\d "" \\d\\dAT "" \\d\\d "OK" ATZ OK AT+CBST=7,0,1 OK ATDT08081401877 00' \
/dev/ircomm0 38400 modem defaultroute crtscts noauth noipdefault asyncmap 0 \
mtu 1500 mru 1500 bsdcomp 0 deflate 0 user myusername@onetel.net.uk

File: /etc/ppp/chap-secrets

# Secrets for authentication using CHAP
# client                   server  secret          IP addresses
myusername@onetel.net.uk   *       mypassword      *