MailStripper - spam filter for Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris filter spam

MailStripper V1.4.3 - SMTP spam filter for Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris


MailStripper is an SMTP spam filter with anti-virus capability, and is Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) independent. This filter software works with SMTP-based MTAs by filtering the incoming SMTP stream. This will stop spam from reaching your mailbox.
See what MailStripper can do for you.

MailStripper makes it simple to stop spam - it is much easier to install and configure than any other SMTP spam filter. Try it now and you can have your Linux, FreeBSD or Solaris mail server protected in minutes!

    MailStripper's key features:
  • SMTP based - requires no changes to any email clients.
  • Works with any SMTP server, even those on other machines.
  • Easy to install and configure, and does not require cutting edge server software.
  • Immune to spammers' hash-busters.
  • Automated blocklist updates from Eridani
  • Anti-virus capable, with third party AV software

MailStripper functions as an SMTP Spam Filter Proxy.

Your SMTP spam filter can be on the same machine* or a different one to your MTA.

Stop spam with MailStripper SMTP spam filter

No catches - £29 personal and £79 commercial licences do not expire. Ever.

Download and try our spam filter FREE for 28 days with absolutely no obligation.

Works with Fetchmail - offering anti-spam and anti-virus protection even if you only have a POP3 mailstore.

Text or GUI configuration - it's your choice. Virtually no system files to configure.

Anti-virus protection fully supported, when used with F-Prot, uvscan or ClamAV. Virtually any AV platform may be used.

Buy with confidence - we offer secure online purchases via PayPal.

* This configuration will require your MTA to be reconfigured to listen on another port, other than 25.

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