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MailStripper - Licensing

Licensing Options:

  • Personal Licence (29.00, approx US$57.00) --- Click here to order
    This may be used on any machine at your home location for personal use.

  • Commercial Use Licence (79, approx US$156.00) --- Click here to order
    This may only be used on one machine, but may be used for any purpose.

  • Site licensing options available.
    Please contact us for more information.
    Note that MailStripper is licensed per server, not per seat or per mailbox.

  • Try it now with a free, no-obligation 28-day evaluation licence.
    A maximum of one licence may be obtained per customer in any 6 month period.

  • Payment may be made online - we accept PayPal, UK cheques in the post (please still use the order form) and credit cards (via Reg.Net) over the phone or their secure Web form.
    Since Reg.Net are a USA-based service you will be charged the US$ prices listed above.
    (These prices may change from time to time due to exchange rate fluctuations - 1 = approx $1.96 at the latest update)

  • These licences are valid for all future versions up to and including all 1.x releases.

  • FREE download and evaluation
    No waiting for media to arrive in the post (or the chance of it getting damaged).
    You can also check it runs correctly on your hardware with absolutely no risk or obligation.

  • No shrinkwrap licensing
    We hate shrinkwrap licensing - those that you are deemed to have agreed to by opening the box or installing the software - often things you need to do to be able to read the licence in the first place. So, here it is in its entirety. Note that acceptance of the licence is indicated by entering a licence code (paid or evaluation), and not by just installing it. However, nothing besides the licence permits you to run the software (besides, of course, the configuration tool to enter your licence code).