MailStripper - spam filter for Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris filter spam

MailStripper - Licence Text


1)  By purchasing or evaluating MailStripper you agree to enter into the
    following agreement with Eridani Star System (hereafter: "Eridani") for
    the use of the MailStripper Pro (hereafter: "MailStripper") software

2)  The installation of MailStripper in itself does not assume that you have
    accepted this licence and does not require you to (see paragraph 2).  The
    purchase of a registration code for your installation or obtaining an
    evaluation licence, however, IS deemed as your acceptance of this licence.

    In otherwords, you may freely download the software to determine whether
    the software is compatible with your system. If the configuration tool
    runs, the MailStripper daemon will also run. Without the registration
    code, however, you will be unable to alter any of the settings from the
    defaults, and the daemon will not run without a valid configuration file
    being present.

3)  If you wish to distribute the software package as part of any other
    software offering, free or commercial, please contact Eridani at - the software may not be redistributed without
    prior agreement.

    The MD5 checksum of the current version of the package is available from
    the website and can be used to confirm whether your copy is genuine,
    especially if it came from a third party.

4)  You accept that paragraph 3 does NOT grant you the right to modify the
    package and redistribute it. Such actions are considered to be a violation
    of this licence and as such will be acted upon.

5)  You agree that your unique registration code MUST NOT be distributed.
    Distribution of this is deemed to be an act of piracy and will be acted

6)  Your copy of MailStripper may be licensed either for non-commercial
    personal use, or for commercial use.

    You may only use MailStripper on one server.  If you need it on more than
    one server, these need to be individually licensed.

    You may install MailStripper on any number of machines that are your own
    hardware at your home.

    If you run a business at your home you need the commercial licence.  Use
    of email to conduct online shopping is considered personal use unless it
    is in conjunction with running a business.

7)  You agree that no spam scanner can be 100% accurate, and that some
    legitimate mail might get accidentally caught as spam.  It is your
    responsibility to ensure that the nominated spam file is periodically
    checked for false positives. You also accept that on occasion some spam
    might not get detected.  For this reason the configuration tools allow
    you to tailor what is seen as spam. Although the software will permit
    setting the spam file to /dev/null Eridani does NOT recommend this, as
    any false positives would then be lost without trace.   Eridani hereby
    disclaims any responsibility for such misconfigurations.

8)  If you use an anti-virus scanner in conjunction with this product, you
    agree to abide by the licensing terms of that anti-virus scanner,
    including payment of any appropriate licence fees to the vendor.  You
    understand and accept that Eridani has no relationship with any anti-virus
    supplier, and MailStripper only makes use of an anti-virus scanner if you
    choose to install and configure it.  You also agree and understand that
    any email found to have a virus infection will be quarantined as a whole
    and, depending on the configuration of MailStripper, the message may be
    deleted in its entirety. You accept that Eridani hereby disclaims any
    liability for data lost in such a manner.

9)  You accept that Eridani hereby disclaims any liability for MailStripper's
    use as an open mail relay.  When properly configured this will not be an
    issue - for the reason that, should your MTA be run on the same server as
    MailStripper, the use of the localhost interface ( for
    communication is strongly discouraged and the Permitted Domains file
    should be properly configured.

10) You agree that Eridani cannot and will not be held liable for any loss or
    damage caused by downloading and deploying MailStripper however that data
    loss might arise, including but not limited to malicious actions of other
    MailStripper users.

11) You agree that, irrespective of your location, the laws of England govern
    any dispute you may have with Eridani over MailStripper Pro, and both you
    and Eridani submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of any competent Court in

12) You acknowledge that Eridani recommend that you keep your registration
    code safe, as you will need it again should you need to reinstall your
    system. Also, as your internal registration key is connected to your
    hardware, you may need to re-enter it should you upgrade or alter your
    hardware configuration. Until the key is re-entered, MailStripper will
    continue to accept incoming SMTP connections but will not filter for
    spam or viruses, and you will not be able to alter any of the settings.

13) You acknowledge that, when an evaluation licence expires, MailStripper
    will continue to accept incoming SMTP connections but will not filter for
    spam or viruses, and you will not be able to alter any of the settings.

14) Your licence entitles you to use of the software, in that it does not
    govern the use of any ancillary services or plugins other than those
    plugins supplied as part of the MailStripper package.  In particular,
    it does not entitle you to the subscription blocklist service without
    a separate subscription.

15) You remain bound to this licence until terminated.  We may terminate the
    licence given reasonable grounds to do so including, but not limited to,
    payment charge-backs.  This licence is also terminated by the expiry of
    any evaluation licence.

16) MailStripper must be permitted to contact Eridani's web server at port 80.
    Failure to do so may result in interruptions in service.

17) Eridani reserves the right to implement any automatic licence verification
    mechanism.  Such mechanism will involve a challenge/response mechanism,
    and no information besides your licence code and random data for providing
    secure checksums will be sent to Eridani.  The software will only
    deactivate itself should it be directly instructed from this that the
    licence has been terminated.

18) Any provision of any contract or licence agreement with Eridani which is
    or may be void or unenforceable shall to the extent of such invalidity or
    unenforceability to be deemed severable and shall not affect any other
    provision of any contract or licence agreement.

19) No waiver or forbearance by Eridani (whether expressed or implied) in
    enforcing any of its rights under any licence or contract shall prejudice
    its right to do so in the future.

Please note: Although this licence text has changed since MailStripper Pro
1.2.4 was released, this is in the interests of clarifying the meaning and
spirit of the licence, and with the exception of clauses 16 and 17 does not
affect any rights afforded or any restrictions imposed.

In respect to clauses 16 and 17, MailStripper will only send the following
information to us: Your licence code (for verification and entitlement
purposes), and the process ID making the connection for making a more robust
checksum for the challenge/response communication. Eridani will never be sent
any details of your system, and to reinforce this the MailStripper licence
does not forbid you from running a network packet sniffer on any communication
by MailStripper, internally or externally.

MailStripper is statically linked to and therefore includes the PCRE library -
see LICENCE.PCRE for its licence.