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NEXT, set up Minicom so its serial port is /dev/ircomm0, port speed 38400, mode 8N1. Start up Minicom, and as soon as the screen clears, start the infrared on your phone. The screen should quickly say "Activated". Now, hit ENTER a couple of times. Then, type AT followed by ENTER. If all is well, you should see OK come back. Now do: AT+CBST=7,0,1 <enter>. This requests an analogue-modem type connection, such as your typical ISP. Now, do: ATDT08452120666 (replace this number with your own ISP number, I just happen to be a Demon subscriber). After about 15-20 seconds you should see CONNECT 9600. Yes, it's slow, but that's GSM data calls for you. If you get NO CARRIER then try again, and if it fails again you may need to check with your GSM provider that you have data calling service on your handset. If not ask them to add it. There should be no charge for this, but some carriers charge extra for data calls. Be warned!

If you got connected, disconnect now. Do: +++ (pause) ATH0. You will now need to write yourself a dial-script to connect, feel free to use the One.Tel one shown below as an example/template. Note that since 8th November 2001 Orange UK started charging for 0800 data calls, so One.Tel is now not such a good choice for mobile access. These examples will remain here since they are still valid examples of getting the Timeport working.

Assuming you got a connection, you can try to see if your provider allows GSM digital connections. Typically, ISDN-aware server modems may recognise this, normal bog-standard modems will not; so if you have a choice of access number, use the ISDN access one. Within Minicom, enter: AT+CBST=71,0,1 <enter>, then enter: ATDT08452120667. Again, enter your own ISP access number. If you get the CONNECT 9600 response within about 4-5 seconds followed by a login prompt or PPP characters (lots of { in there) then it's worth trying the 71,0,1 instead of 7,0,1 in the dial script below, as the login negotiations will be much faster (and therefore cost less).
Using a Motorola Timeport GSM cellular phone with Linux and Infrared