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09-06-2012 - We're still alive!
Rumours of our death are much mistaken - we're very much still alive. And, we've just released 1.4.2 - a wrap-up of the niggles found in 1.4.1. (If you're running 1.4.2pre5, there are no changes apart from the version tag).
We have some new ideas planned - but keeping them under wraps for now.

01-04-2005 - APRIL FOOL - Internet Spam Scan results are in!
We commissioned a scan of the entire internet for the effects of spam. We can now reveal those results.

30-03-2005 - MailStripper 1.3.0
This is MailStripper 1.3.0. It's even faster. It's even more accurate. It's extensible. It's catching more spam. It's out now. Quite a while after our previous release, but well worth the wait.

09-08-2004 - Staff responsible for virus outbreaks
According to a study by McAfee, half of all senior managers of smaller businesses blame their staff for the damage caused by viruses and other security problems.

11-05-2004 - Spam levels hit an all time high
Incredible as it seems, the amount of spam is still increasing. Yet more can be done to stem the flow.

31-03-2004 - Attention users who have upgraded from 1.1.x
Please note that you will need to alter your "Blocklist Update URL" to
The old one is not totally compatible with the new software (and the new one is more efficient and effective!) This is posted in response to our weblog showing numerous accesses to the old file with the new software.
New installations will have this new URL as the default.

13-03-2004 - MailStripper 1.2.0
This is MailStripper 1.2.0. Not the same old MailStripper. It's faster. It's more accurate. It's niftier. It's keeping more spam away. It's out now. Slightly later than planned, but well worth the wait.

13-03-2004 - New Website
We've redesigned our website - hopefully it should be easier to use, read and navigate. It should be faster loading too, with a simpler ordering mechanism. We still accept Visa, Mastercard, Paypal and NoChex.